Hansetag Kampen Schiffsparade

International Hanseatic Day

In the days of the medieval Hanseatic League, the Hanseatic cities met regularly at the Hanseatic Day. Trade issues were discussed there and joint decisions were made. The Union of Cities has taken up this tradition of the Hanseatic Days again with the "International Hanseatic Day of Modern Times".

Festival of international understanding

Every year a different Hanseatic city is host and invites you to celebrate tradition and international understanding. The world of the Hanseatic League comes alive at the Hanseatic Day in numerous activities, markets and exhibitions. Many Hanseatic cities are represented with their own stand at the Hanseatic Market. Here you can find out about travel offers and sample local specialities. Dance and music groups from the Hanseatic cities perform on stages or spontaneously on the next street corner, giving the Hanseatic Day a very special flair. And the decisions of THE HANSA are taken by the Hanseatic towns and cities, as in the past, in the annual Assembly of Delegates at the Hanseatic Day.

St. Mary's Basilica ©Visit Gdansk

44th International Hanseatic Day

From June 13-16, 2024, the 44th International Hanseatic Day will take place in the Polish city of Gdansk under the motto "Change begins here".

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Future Hanseatic Days

Gdansk (Poland), 13-16 June

Visby (Sweden), 5-8 June

Stargard (Poland)

Braunschweig (Germany)

Stralsund (Germany)

Wismar (Germany)

Zwolle (The Netherlands)


43rd International Hanseatic Day Torun

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Hanseatic Day Torun OPENING 2

42nd International Hanseatic Day Neuss

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Hauptbühne Hansetag Neuss

41st International Hanseatic Day Riga

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Ausstellung an der Düna

40th International Hanseatic Day Brilon

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Overview of all Hanseatic Days of modern times

2023 Torun (Poland)
2022 Neuss (Germany)
2021 Riga (Latvia)
2020 Brilon (Germany) - 1st Virtual Hanseatic Day in the history of the Hanseatic League

2019 Pskov (Russia)
2018 Rostock (Germany)
2017 Kampen (the Netherlands)
2016 Bergen (Norway)
2015 Viljandi (Estonia)
2014 Lübeck (Germany)
2013 Herford (Germany)
2012 Lüneburg (Germany)
2011 Kaunas (Lithuania)
2010 Pärnu (Estonia)

2009 Veliky Novgorod (Russia)
2008 Salzwedel (Germany)
2007 Lippstadt (Germany)
2006 Osnabrück (Germany)
2005 Tartu (Estonia)
2004 Turku (Finland)
2003 Frankfurt (Oder) & Slubice (Germany & Poland)
2002 Bruges (Belgium)
2001 Riga (Latvia)
2000 Zwolle (the Netherlands)

1999 Oldenzaal (the Netherlands)
1998 Visby (Sweden)
1997 Gdansk (Poland)
1996 Bergen (Norway)
1995 Soest (Germany)
1994 Stade (Germany)
1993 Münster (Germany)
1992 Tallinn (Estonia)
1991 Wesel (Germany)
1990 Deventer & Zutphen (the Netherlands)

1989 Hamburg (Germany)
1988 Köln (Germany)
1987 Kalmar (Sweden)
1986 Duisburg (Germany)
1985 Braunschweig (Germany)
1984 Neuss (Germany)
1983 Lübeck (Germany)
1982 Dortmund (Germany)
1980 Zwolle (the Netherlands)