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Cultural Route THE HANSA

The Hanseatic cities fascinate with their diversity and shared history. DIE HANSE has been certified as a Council of Europe Cultural Route since 1991. By bringing people and places together in networks of shared history and heritage, Council of Europe Cultural Routes invite you to travel and discover Europe's rich and diverse heritage.

Travelling in the footsteps of the Hanseatic merchants

The legacy of the Hanseatic era is still visible in many places today: mighty brick churches and the medieval merchants' houses with their stepped gables have become a symbol of the Hanseatic League. But it is not only in the townscape of many cities that the traces of the Hanseatic League can be discovered - museums, exhibitions and historical city tours also bring the Hanseatic era to life. Take a journey into the past and enjoy the special flair and hospitality of the Hanseatic cities.

What is a Council of Europe Cultural Route?

The Cultural Routes implement the fundamental principles of the Council of Europe:

They act as platforms for intercultural dialogue and promote knowledge and understanding of a European cultural identity.

Through the programme, the Council of Europe provides a model for transnational cultural and tourism management and enables synergies between national, regional and local authorities as well as a large number of associations and other socio-economic actors.

The legal entity coordinating the Cultural Route THE HANSA is the association HanseVerein e.V.

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