Any city that belonged to the historical Hanseatic League, was associated with it or had Hanseatic trading posts or branches for a considerable time can become a member of THE HANSA.

How to become a member?

The application for membership in THE HANSA must be submitted in writing to the Commission by the responsible bodies of the city/municipality. The connection to the historical Hanseatic League must be proven by means of historical documents or deeds by the respective city archives. The Assembly of Delegates decides on the admission on the proposal of the Commission.


What are the advantages?

You become part of an active network of almost 200 cities and municipalities in 16 countries. You will benefit from regular exchange, the annual International Hansatic Day (a cultural festival with more than 100,000 visitors) and the opportunity to carry out projects together with other Hanseatic cities.


What does membership cost?

Formally, THE HANSA does not charge a membership fee, but the member cities pay a contribution for active participation in the network. The financial expenditure depends on the size of the city (allocation key 0.0085 € per inhabitant per member city; minimum amount per city 150.00 €, maximum amount 2,000.00 €). The presentation of the member cities on the HANSA website is also covered by the annual contribution.

Further information