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192 Hanseatic cities in 16 countries

The Hanseatic cities fascinate with their diversity, historical as well as modern architecture and a wide range of cultural events. The heritage of the Hanseatic era can still be discovered in many places today.

All Hanseatic cities at a glance

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The Hansa in a nutshell

It began as a network of long-distance merchants and developed into a powerful association of cities: the Hanseatic League. For more than 400 years, the Hanseatic League shaped the economy, trade and politics of northern Europe. Today, the Hanseatic cities are reconnecting with their great past: The Union of Cities THE HANSA was founded in Zwolle in 1980 to revive the common cultural heritage and, with almost 200 member cities, is one of the largest voluntary associations of cities in the world.

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The International Hanseatic Day

In the days of the medieval Hanseatic League, the Hanseatic cities met regularly at the Hanseatic Day. Trade issues were discussed there and joint decisions were made. The Union of Cities has taken up this tradition of the Hanseatic Days again. Every year a different Hanseatic city is host and invites you to celebrate tradition and international understanding. The festival attracts up to 500,000 visitors from all over Europe.

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3 Days in Stade and the Alte Land

During this trip you will spend the night in Stade and explore the holiday region Altes Land by the river Elbe. On the agenda there is a evening tour of the city, a covered wagon ride through the orchards...

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Hanseatic city break in Kaunas

A Hanseatic merchant’s story

Welcome to Kaunas, the only Hanseatic city in Lithuania. It’s a city full of merchants, craftsmen, travelers, and amazing stories so let’s travel back to medieval Kaunas and see how a young German merchant called Jakob could have lived here…

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Accommodation all over Gotland

Discover the Hanseatic city of Visby and Gotland, choose between hotels in Visby - a World Heritage site, or somewhere in the charming countryside, close to the sea or to a golf course.

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Camping package Gotland

Are you yearning for a Gotlandic adventure in the Hanseatic city of Visby? Right now you can book a package with tent or motorhome space and a round-trip passenger ticket on the ferry!

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City Break Bremen

Bremen – an enchanting city! There's plenty to see and do on a mini-break in Bremen! Get to know our charming Hanseatic city, which will surprise and delight you at every turn. 

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