As a trading town, Perleberg was extraordinarily favoured by its geographic location. Trade relations by water via the Stepenitz and Elbe rivers as well as by land extended to the North and Baltic Seas and to southern Germany and Bohemia.

As a member of the powerful Hanseatic League (1359-1447), Perleberg outstripped all the Prignitz towns and also gained great importance among the towns of the Mark as the centre of political and economic activity in the region. In the context of the estates constitution, it became the "suburb and capital of the Prignitz" in the 15th century and represented the Prignitz towns as a speaker town at the Brandenburg state assemblies.

Even today, the town has a closed historical town centre with a rich building fabric, which in combination with the charming surroundings, the flood plains of the Stepenitz and Elbe rivers, extensive forests and places steeped in history, is a worthwhile destination for tourists.