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Experimental, surprising, striking. The dynamics of this historical and hip city on the IJssel river burst forth. Discover boutiques, delicious coffees, fascinating museums and the best restaurants. The streets of the medieval city centre have a lively atmosphere. Merchants used to rule here, but nowadays it is students, entrepreneurs and creative people who provide the dynamics.

Zwolle is a cultural hotspot. The most startling sight is Museum de Fundatie. The elliptical structure of the museum, also called 'De Wolk', offers a fantastic view of the historical inner city. It also has the most imposing bookshop of the Netherlands: Waanders in de Broeren is housed in a 15th century church.



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Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie owns and manages an extensive collection of visual arts. Marvel at art by Gerard ter Borch, Vincent van Gogh and William Turner and changing temporary exhibitions. From the museum's cloud you have a beautiful view of the city.

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Zwolle - -Waanders-in-de-Broeren-

Waanders in de Broeren

Waanders In De Broeren is called by many the most beautiful bookstore in the Netherlands. Located in the Broerenkerk, a monumental church building with a rich history. The modern interior is interwoven with the traditional style elements of the old monastery church.

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Grote Kerk

Pay a visit to the Grote Kerk. The Grote Kerk is the beating heart of Zwolle's city centre, where spirituality and culture go hand in hand. It is a place for learning and innovation. To listen and to look. To discover, to marvel and to enrich yourself.

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Climb the Peperbus

Have you always wanted to climb the Peperbus? You can! During the opening hours of the basilica, you can climb the tower. On top of the Peperbus, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Zwolle.

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The Sassenpoort

The Sassenpoort in the city wall of Zwolle is a city wall that was built at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century as part of the city's defences. The Sassenpoort is one of the Top 100 Dutch UNESCO monuments.

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