Situated on the Rivers Berkel and IJssel, Zutphen is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Experience its rich history to the full when you walk through the inner city. Here medieval churches, fortified sections, stately warehouses and merchants ‘houses can still be admired. In their full glory.

And there’s more to discover, besides the beautiful heritage buildings. For instance, the unique shops with their many artisanal products, the cosy cafés and restaurants and an extensive programme of art, culture, and events

Welcome to our city, welcome to Zutphen!


Stedelijk Museum Zutphen

Museums in Zutphen

Musea Zutphen (‚the museums of Zutphen ‘) is in the 17th century city palace, Het Hof van Heeckeren. Experience the Stedelijk Museum, presenting its ‚story of the city’ in a surprising way. And Museum Henriette Polak, which houses modern classic paintings and sculpture. Both Museums offer children a free treasure hunt – filled with fun games and interesting tasks.

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Architectural heritage

Look around the city and you’ll see beautiful, historical buildings everywhere. Did you know that the city has more than nine hunderd (national)heritage structures? Many of them are open to visitors. Feast your eyes, have a look inside, and admire the beauty. Citizens‘ hall: Over the centuries the Citizens‘ Hall has served as a meat market. These days it is used for various events, such as exhibitions and receptions, by the municipality of Zutphen. The hall is part of the old city hall.

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The city from above

On approaching Zutphen you’ll see from afar why the city was called ‚Torenstad (city of towerss) “Some towers, such as the Wijnhuistoren, can be climbed. Go up with a guide and enjoy the beautiful view.

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Walburgis Kirche Orgel

Walburgis Church & Librije

The Walburgis Church is one of the largest churches in the Netherlands. Admire the rare 14th-century chandelier, the beautiful frescoes- and don’t forget the Librije, a medieval chain libery.

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Hansestadt Zutphen

Explore the city on foot

Get to know Zutphen on a city walk through the historic centre. At VVV Zutphen (the tourist information office) you can choose from various themed walks which you can do your own.

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Boat trips

In Hanseatic times, the Berkel and Ijssel rivers played important roles in the development of the city. Take a trip on an electric boat to discover the most beautiful places along the canals and the Berkel river. The skipper will cruise past special hertigage buildings as he tells you about the history of the city.

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