Osterburg (Altmark)

Approaching Osterburg, the church of St. Nicolai is greeting already from a far and reminds of Osterburg’s membership in the Hanseatic League during 1436 and 1483. With its rural charme and its more than 850 years of history the small hanseatic city has a lot to offer: a beautiful historic centre with half-timbered houses, small villages and lots of nature in the direct neighborhood. Here you can wander, ride by bicycle, take a canoe trip on the river „Biese“ and even a bath in one of Europes last offical river swimmingpools, the so called „Biesebad“. And don’t forget to take a walk through the nearby „garden dreams“ park in Krumke with views on castle, pond and paddocks.

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Church of St. Nicolai

St. Nicolai was build in the 12th century as a romanesque cobblestone basilica. It is one of the town‘s oldest buildings and the last witness from its hanseatic past and wealth. During the 13th and 15th century it was modificated to a gothic hall church and after the great fire in 1761 its gothic spire has been replaced by a barocque bonnet.

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The Garden Dreams Park in Krumke

Although it doesn’t refer to Osterburg‘s hanseatic past, the idyllical landscape park in the nearby village Krumke is Osterburg‘s most visited attraction. Here you can walk below a 400 years old box tree hedge, have a look at the beautiful neo-gothic manor house or take a coffee in the cavalier‘s house.

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