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Relaxed and exuberant
Oldenzaal is a lively and attractive city, definitely worth a visit. A centuries-old city well known for its joie-de-vivre. Sitting on one of the main square (Groote Markt) terraces, browsing the shops or during one of the many city events one will truly experience the hospitality the Twente region is famous for. On the edge of Oldenzaal you will find a great recreational area called the Hulsbeek. It offers many activities, such a go-karting, survival activities and many more. Oldenzaal is the gateway to the National Landscape North East Twente.


St. Plechelmusbasilica

The St. Plechelmusbasilica was erected out of sandstone around the year 1150. The tower was added to the church around 1250. The basilica is an arched, cross-shaped, columned church with a choir that is closed off on three sides. Originally built in a Romanesque architectural.

The Palthe museum

The Palthe Huis in Oldenzaal was the home of the Palthe family. In the 18th century Johannes Palthe, a pastor and landowner, purchased the former city farm that was converted into an upscale residence in the 17th century. Three generations of Palthe lived in the Palthehuis, up until the granddaughter of Johannes Palthe, Gulia Palthe, passed away in 1928 and the house was turned into a museum.

City tour

Oldenzaal is the oldest and largest city in the North East Twente region. The medieval street pattern has been preserved. The Grootestraat, Groote Markt, Bisschopstraat and Steenstraat date back to medieval times. This city tour will take you to all the hotspots historic city center has to offer.