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Haltern am See

Haltern am See is situated in the heart of the Hohe Mark, an idyllic nature reserve. With its two reservoirs ( Haltern and Hullern ) it offers ideal freetime activities and holiday conditions for everyone who looks for recreation, natural beauty or outdoor sports or just wants to relax on sandy beaches near clean waters.

There is a number of marked cycling and walking tracks that make it possible to go on various trips to enjoy the nature. Leisure parks, enclosures for red and fallow deer and the well-known LWL Roman Museum are also part of the varieties Haltern am See offers to tourists.


Haltern am See ©meV Stadt Haltern

Old town with historical flair

The pedestrian zone with its historical flair together with its broad range of locally produced goods offers an attractive alternative to any visitor. The City organises regular special markets and many other events throughout the year. With the sophisticated range of gastronomy and the wide range of accommodations in a scenic location, Haltern am See presents itself as a holiday destination and also as a conference location for courses and seminars.

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Halterner Stausee ©Stadtagentur

Haltern Lake and Reservoir

The regional importance of Haltern grew above all with the construction of the waterworks in 1908, the creation of  the Haltern reservoir and the construction of the Stever-dam in 1930. The waterworks supplies around 1 million people, as well as industry and commerce in the northern Ruhr area, western Münsterland and Duisburg with drinking water. Today, the Haltern reservoir is a destination for water sports enthusiasts, bathers, hikers and cyclists for active local recreation

Haltern am See western gate at LWL-Römermuseum ©L. Buscher Stadtagentur

Roman Museum

Discover the world of the Romans – in the heart of Westphalia! Haltern is considered to be the best-researched military base from the time of Emperor Augustus. Several troop camps existed one after the other at this historical site. Here it can be shown which system belongs to a functioning legionary camp and other Roman locations are also to be assumed. The Westgate of the old Roman camp was rebuilt in its original size in the outdoor area of the museum – the Aliso Roman Park.

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