St. Mary's Basilica ©Visit Gdansk


Gdansk is located on the Baltic Sea coast. Here you will find many magnificent Gothic buildings, historic churches, interesting museums and charming streets full of amber. Gdańsk impresses and fascinates with all its sights again and again. The symbol of the city is the god of the sea - Neptune.

The numerous attractions make Gdansk so popular. There are modern places worth visiting here, such as the Museum of the Second World War, the European Solidarity Center or the Shakespeare Theatre.

The main town is famous for its numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, beautiful apartment buildings and charming streets. Right here are all the wonderful and symbolic sights of the city: the Neptunbrunnen, the Marienkirche, the Artushof, the Uphagenhaus, the town hall and the wonderful city gates such as. B. the Crane. It is also recommended to visit the amazing new Amber Museum in the Great Mill.

A visit to Oliwa, where the cathedral is located in a beautiful park, is also recommended. In the cathedral you can admire a huge pipe organ, the sound of which has been enchanting for 230 years!

During your stay, we recommend visiting one of the numerous wide sandy beaches, walking along the Brzeźno pier or taking a cruise on one of the ships of the White Fleet.


Muzeum Bursztynu ©Dariusz Kula

Amber Museum Gdansk

An amazing Museum in a perfect new location – the Great Mill. It boasts an impressive display of amber lumps in countless shapes, sizes and colors and also an incredible collection of  items made of this “Gold of the Baltic Sea”. Overall there are 1.000 items to admire some as unique as 300 years old chess set made of amber.

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St. Mary's Basilica ©Visit Gdansk

St. Mary’s Basilica

The biggest brick church int the entire world, the massive shape of the basilica dominates the Main Town. Its construction took almost 160 years and consumed over one million of bricks. The temple can boast an impressive tower where a panorama point is located at 82 meters above the streets of Main Town. A real must see in Gdansk!

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The Crane ©Visit Gdansk

The Crane

Thick, hempen line, system of blocks and 4 wooden wheels propelled by… workers walking inside. The mechanism of a medieval crane, lifting up to 4 tons as high as 11 meters, were also used for setting sails. The crane is one of Gdansk trademarks and oldest, existing medieval crane in Europe. It was constructed in years 1442-1444.

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Long Market ©Visit Gdansk

Royal Route

The Royal Route is the heart of the Main Town. It consists of Długa and Długi Targ Street. Along this 530 metres long Route the most iconic venues can be found like the the Artus Court, Uphagen’s House, Main Town Hall beautiful tenements and 2 gates – Golden Gate and Green Gate. In the middle one can find the symbol of Gdansk a Neptune’s Fountain.


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