Braunschweig – Hanseatic city on the Oker River

Braunschweig Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH

Braunschweig was once a Hanseatic city and was already a flourishing trading center in the Middle Ages. What significance did the city have at that time, what goods were traded and what do we know about the merchant families of Braunschweig? Numerous reminders of the Hanseatic period can still be found in the cityscape today. The history of the buildings and streets as well as the stories about the people will give you a vivid impression of the Hanseatic city of Braunschweig on this city tour.

The offer includes:

A 90-minute city tour on the Hanseatic history of Brunswick.


19.05.2024 (14:30), 16.06.2024, dates for groups on request


not included


9.50 EUR