Opening of the Hanseatic Year 2023

Calender Icon 4. April 2023

On 1 April, the Hanseatic Year 2023 was officially opened in the Dutch Hanseatic city of Kampen. With a variety of events, the nine Hanseatic cities in the east of the Netherlands are celebrating the Hanseatic Year together and are fully in the Hanseatic spirit.


The Hanseatic Year is a tribute to the Hanseatic League, the medieval trading network that brought wealth and trading spirit to the cities and can still be clearly seen and experienced today.

It will be celebrated in a big way with an extensive programme of events and activities, from small local initiatives to large, one-off events taking place in the historic setting of the cities. The programme includes hundreds of Hanseatic activities in the fields of art, music, culture, education, heritage, sport and business. Residents, entrepreneurs and visitors: everyone can join in! Together we shape and celebrate the Hanseatic Year, showing that the Hanseatic League is still alive and provides inspiration for today and for the future.

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