Establishment of the Dutch Youth Hanse Association

Calender Icon 25. March 2024

The signatures have been put down, and the Dutch Youth Hanse is now officially an association. It was founded in Oldenzaal on Thursday, March 7, 2024. The association aims to stimulate contacts between young people in Hanseatic cities nationally and across Europe.

Launch of Dutch Youth Hansa

During the 43rd International Hanseatic Day in the Polish city of Toruń, Pepijn Velthuis, Martine Soepenberg, and Natasja Leoné became convinced that the Dutch Youth Hanse needed more structure. Therefore, they took the plunge and started working on the idea of setting up an association. Together, they now form the board of the Youth Hanse.

Since 1980, young people have been travelling to the Hanseatic Days, encouraged by schools and municipalities, to meet peers from other countries. As a newly established association, the Dutch Youth Hanse has ambitious plans. This spring, a group of young people will visit the English cities of Beverley, Hull, and York, which all had a significant role as trading posts in the Hanseatic League. In preparation for the International Hanseatic Day, which takes place this year from June 13 to 16 in Gdansk, Poland, the Dutch (young) participants will meet on April 22 in Zwolle. Additionally, there are plans to join Rheinische Youthhansa in the fall for a cycling tour along Dutch Hanseatic cities.

The establishment of the Dutch Youth Hanse Association has been made possible in part by financial contributions from the municipalities of Deventer and Zwolle. The secretariat is located in Oldenzaal. In 2030, the International Hanseatic Day (which often attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors) will take place in Zwolle. In 2031, it will be Harderwijk's turn. The Dutch Youth Hansa is undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming years!