A new logo for youthHansa!

Calender Icon 19. February 2024

Just in time for its 25th anniversary, youthHansa has a new logo. In order to visualize the close connection the the Union of Cities THE HANSA, the colour scheme and design of the logo are based on the logo of THE HANSA. With this new logo we celebrate 25 years of discovering new cultures, meeting new friends and empowering our Hanseatic ideals and identities with youth from all over Europe.

youthHansa Logo_klein

Developing a new logo
To better show the connection and cooporation between the Hansa, youthHansa and our cultural heritage several proposals for a new logo were drafted and collected. At the Assembly of Delegates in Torún a vote was held, and the new logo was chosen to replace the previous blue one. The yH commission and the delegates themselves feel confident and positive to this new change, which marks another step in improving our corporate identity and professionalism.

Special thanks to a company from one of our Hanseatic cities, Landluft Brilon, for designing this new logo!

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