Luftaufnahme Hansestadt Wismar


Directly at the Baltic coast, in the German state of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania lies the Hanseatic city of Wismar with around 42,000 inhabitants. Today the city is a modern region for tourism and industry with nearly 800 years of history. After the founding, the city developed into an important merchant settlement. In 1259, Wismar signed an agreement with Lübeck and Rostock for the mutual protection of their trade routes. Alongside with Lübeck, Wismar belonged to the most important cities in the Hanseatic League. Wismar beer was considered an export hit. Despite great autonomy, Wismar did not manage to completely detach itself from the Mecklenburg tribal duchy. This is also how Wismar came to be annexed when pirates were allowed to stay in the city. The peak of Wismar’s Hanse era is considered the peace of Stralsund in 1370.

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Year 1226

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53.89098 latitude and 11.46479 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

The entire Old Town area of Wismar with the associated area of the Old Harbour are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What is the city known for?

  • Wasserkunst – Old pumping station
  • Wismarer „Mumme“ – a strong beer, brewed in old Hanseatic tradition