Panorama of Toruń, photo Łukasz Klimkiewicz


Toruń is a city on the Vistula River, known primarily for the historic Old Town inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Nicolaus Copernicus - a great astronomer, born here in 1473, and delicious spicy pastries - gingerbread, produced for centuries. Today Toruń with his 200,000 inhabitants is one of the largest cities in northern Poland. One of the best universities in the country operates here, and the city's heritage attracts over 2 million tourists every year. Toruń is also a thriving cultural center known, inter alia, from several international festivals. Beautiful streets, gothic tenement houses, tasty gingerbreads, romantic cafes and restaurants, a rich tourist and cultural offer - this is what constitutes the unique atmosphere of Toruń. It's worth feeling it!

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Year 1233

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53.01453 latitude and 18.59658 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

Medieval Town of Toruń (1997)

What is the city known for?



  • Bella Skyway Festival
  • EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival
  • Probaltica - Music and Art Festival of the Baltic Countries