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Maasbommel enjoys a prominent position on the river Maas, in the ‘Land van Maas en Waal’ region. The smallest Hanseatic town in the Netherlands, it boasts a long and turbulent history. Its strategic location once made Maasbommel a hub in the Northern European Hanseactic network. It was a borough of the Hanseatic city of Nijmegen in the fifteenth century, when Maasbommel was predominantly known for fishing and basket making and was also referred to as Pike Town.

The Hanseatic town of Maasbommel forms part of the Land van Maas en Waal region – a unique and verdant oasis in which the rivers Maas and Waal serve as natural boundaries. This stunning part of the Netherlands never fails to impress: imposing dikes, tranquil walking and cycling routes and idyllic villages lend the region a decidedly nostalgic quality. Visitors can also relax and unwind in an array of delightful recreational areas that line the river Maas.

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Year 1144

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51.82151 latitude and 5.534291 longitude

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