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Kampen: history, culture and recreation. Visitors to Kampen are amazed by the rich history contained within the town. Kampen In the town centre visitors can find numerous monumental buildings. Some of these are beautifully lit up at night. Characteristic alleys and charming little squares complete the historic centre. Culture lovers can visit several museums and galleries to view the various exhibitions there. The river IJssel and the unique town frontage set the scene for the historic town. The IJssel flows out into the Ketelmeer. The river is not only an important route for inland shipping, but pleasure cruisers also enjoy using the IJssel.

The municipality of Kampen consists of seven centres: Kampen, IJsselmuiden, Grafhorst, Wilsum, 's-Heerenbroek, Zalk and Kamperveen. Monuments Eye-catching monuments are the Bovenkerk (church), the Nieuwe Toren (New Tower), the Oude and the Nieuwe Raadhuis (old and new town hall) and the three gates. These are only a few of the almost 500 monuments which enrich the old town centre of Kampen. A walk through the town centre is definitely worth it! Museums and galleries Numerous museums and galleries can be found in the town. The Stedelijk (town) Museum has a large collection of historical artefacts and photographs. In the Gemeentelijke Expositieruimte building visitors can view changing exhibitions of modern art. The galleries too offer various exhibitions and displays.

Various footpaths and cycle routes have been marked out which allow visitors to explore the town and the surrounding area of the IJssel Delta.The harbours and the historical sailing ships of the Bruine Vloot (Brown Fleet) by the quayside make Kampen an outstanding town for water sports. Welcome to Kampen!

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Year 1227

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52.55594 latitude and 5.903330 longitude

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Kampen City skyline along the river IJssel