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Gdansk is the capital of the agglomeration with over one million residents. Together with Sopot and Gdynia it forms Tricity. Thanks to the location near the Vistula River estuary Gdansk was one of the most important members of the Hanseatic League even back in the Middle Ages, as well as made it to be a very rich city from early on. In spite of having been affected by many historical events, the city has been always rebuilt. It rose like a phoenix from the ashes every time a natural disaster, war or fire happened. World War II started right here in Gdansk. It was in Gdansk where “Solidarity” trade union triggered the collapse of the communist regimes in Central Europe. Despite all the turmoil and migrations, the locals still value freedom, openness and the right to express their opinion.

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Year 997

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54.36119 latitude and 18.62860 longitude

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What is the city known for?

- Goldwasser liquor