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The history of Gardelegen goes back into the eleventh century. From 1358 to 1488 the town was a member oft he legendary Hanseatic League. Since 1995 Gardelegen is active in the Hanseatic League of Modern times. The statue of Roland, the son in law of emperor Karl the Great, near the town-hall is one of the most important sights which remind of glorious Hanseatic times. The Roland is symbolizing the urban sovereignty, civic pride and freedom of trade. It was erected in 2002 on the place of the former monument from 1450. The rampart gardens – so called Gartenträume Wallanlagen – are one of the most impressionable in Germany. Its sources were in the first quarter of nineteenth century. Nowadays a green circle of 2,3 kilometres is inviting to saunter. In the near the Salzwedeler Tor – Saltwedel gate – from 1550. With ist mighty bulwarks and the nice fronton it is one of the most characteristic sights of Gardelegen.

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Year 1196

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52.52655 latitude and 11.39297 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Garley – the beer from Gardelegen