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It's been doing good business here for centuries!
You have arrived in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Netherlands: Deventer. This authentic Hanseatic city breathes history. This is evident in the city centre, where old warehouses remind us of the flourishing trading periods the pleasant town squares are a legacy from the time of fairs and hundreds of monuments tell stories from the city history. Nowadays Deventer is still a city that attracts people. The atmospheric city centre, the green surroundings and numerous events attract hundreds of thousands or thousands visitors every year. But likewise work and study brings thousands of people of all nationalities to the city each year. It’s with good reason that good business had been going on here for centuries.

Easily accessible!
In the heyday of the Hanseatic League, merchants from all over Europe came to our city to trade at the famous fairs. That is still possible now. Fortunately a lot faster. Via the A1, A50 or N348 you can easily reach Deventer from all corners of the world. The train takes you comfortably to the centrally located station, right at the bustling city center

Facts & Figures

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Year 768

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52.26957 latitude and 6.236339 longitude

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What is the city known for?

Knowledge city
Deventer is home to a large number of knowledge-intensive companies. Deventer's knowledge industry is centuries old. Publishers and printers settled early in this city and the oldest scientific library in the Netherlands, founded in 1560, is still in Deventer. Together with numerous companies and institutions, we are committed to a common ambition: Deventer is the ICT city of the East of the Netherlands. The many successful ICT companies in Deventer are therefore important building blocks for economic growth. That is why a lot of time, money and energy is invested in a thriving information and communication sector.

Room for innovation
At various locations in the city, startups, top entrepreneurs and students are joining forces and innovative ideas are being developed. The solutions that talents develop here are applied worldwide. The top of the Dutch engineering companies designs high-quality solutions in the fields of infrastructure, water, space, environment and construction from Deventer. Deventer is a breeding ground for innovation in the field of technology, ICT, chemistry and sustainable circular economy.

Opportunities for young talent
Talent is not only trained in Deventer by the Aventus and Saxion University of Applied Science, but also The Technicampus en the Innovation lab in Saxion give the space to experiment and grow. These physical places, especially for (starting) entrepreneurs, offers students the opportunity to start their own company during their studies. Talent is also given the space to develop in the established leading companies in sustainability, ICT, engineering companies or the top clinical hospital.

Good for the environment
In Deventer, we endorse the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development of the United Nations and are working hard towards a sustainable future. As a hotspot for business innovation and development, Deventer opens the door to sustainable entrepreneurship. The local business community is also at the forefront of cleantech: clean technology for a green, energy-neutral future. The city has one of the most sustainable government buildings in the Netherlands and companies in Deventer are also taking huge steps towards an energy-neutral city.