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Bremen, the city on the Weser, is known for its sights such as the world-famous Town Musicians, the UNESCO World Heritage ensemble of the Town Hall and Roland statue and the oldest city district "Schnoor". Likewise for its variety of art and cultural festivals, its museums as well as its highlights in music and sports every year. At the same time, Bremen is a business and science location. The eventful history of the old trading city with its more than 1,200 years of tradition can still be seen today in the cityscape. Since 1358, it is  also a member of the Hanseatic League. The new quarter in the old port district, the Überseestadt, is also representative of the city's forward-looking transformation: a mix of industry, services, young start-ups as well as museums, restaurants, hotels, leisure and cultural facilities.

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Year 782

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53.07581 latitude and 8.807164 longitude

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UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Town Hall together with the statue of "Roland" in the Market Square (2004)

What is the city known for?

  • Bremen Town Musicians
  • Beck’s Bier